Iva Zimova/Panos Pictures

Zaporizhzhie (Zaporizhzhia), Ukraine

Yelena (at the front), the head of a public organisation that works with disabled children in Berdyansk in the Zaporozhye region. "We have a lot of children with autism (PAS) who respond to loud noises, they are upset by an unknown situation. It was very stressful during the sirens when we had to move to a bomb shelter, which was far worse than prison for the children. It was difficult for both children and parents. Berdyansk, our city, has been occupied by the Russians, probably since the third day of the war. ÂThe Russians disconnected the television, gas and internet. Most of the time we were without electricity. We look after 60 children, this means 60 families, half are still in Berdyansk. We did not suffer like people in Mariupol, I was thinking whether to leave or not. The roads are absolutely terrible, and humanitarian convoys must go through Vasylivka, where there are many Russian checkpoints and they hold people sometimes for up to four days. They just don't let them go, but today we really decided to leave.
Yelena's autistc son Kyril sits behindÂher, Svetlana, mother of Misha who has cerebralÂpalsy, is on the left.ÂÂ

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Iva Zimova/Panos Pictures
Zaporizhzhie (Zaporizhzhia)
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